Bonnaroo 2023 Ticket Giveaway

The Roo Bus gang is partnering with Bonnaroo again this year to give away a pair of GA tickets! Entering is simple: We want to hear a story about how you formed lifelong friendships or communities thanks to The Farm. Record a story on the voice memo app on your phone and send it inContinue reading “Bonnaroo 2023 Ticket Giveaway”

Story Time at the Roo Bus

Story Time at the Roo Bus is our weekly podcast where we talk about funny or interesting stories from the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival that takes place every June in Manchester, Tennessee. We release new episodes (mostly) weekly, where we talk about a different story from Bonnaroo, interview other Bonnaroo fan groups, and evenContinue reading “Story Time at the Roo Bus”

Roo Bus / Camp Reddaroo Fund Drive for Children’s of Alabama

For quite a while now, we’ve wanted to use the Roo Bus to contribute to some good, and we’ve landed on a way to do that with a fundraiser with one of our favorite causes with Children’s of Alabama. Click to donate to Children’s of Alabama  Our fundraiser for Children’s of Alabama is in honorContinue reading “Roo Bus / Camp Reddaroo Fund Drive for Children’s of Alabama”

What’s Happening in the Roo Community: April 2019

It’s been a long Winter, but now that Spring has arrived, Roo is getting much closer.  We’re just under two months to go until we all return to the Farm.  With Bonnaroo creeping closer and closer, the Roo Community is coming out of hibernation with much happening and being prepped for June. Nashville Ready ToContinue reading “What’s Happening in the Roo Community: April 2019”

The Legend of the 2016 What Field Pickup Truck

Now that Bonnaroo is approaching two decades on the scene, it’s the kind of festival that has collected a lot of urban legends over the years.  If you’ve gone at least a few times, you’ve probably heard some of them.  The Roonicorn, the poop truck exploding, various stories of Chance the Rapper hanging out inContinue reading “The Legend of the 2016 What Field Pickup Truck”

What’s Happening in the Bonnaroo Community: February 2019

We’re quickly nearing the end of Winter and Roo Season is approachin’.  Now that things are beginning to ramp up as we get closer to June, we wanted to take a look at some of the things happening in the Roo community.  From the condition of the Farm in the recent floods, to cool thingsContinue reading “What’s Happening in the Bonnaroo Community: February 2019”

Prepare Thyself: Prepping for the Best Roo Ever!

You’ve already bought pre-sale tickets, the lineup is out, and you’re already dreaming of your trip to the Farm this June with your crew. Now what? Rumor season is over, and now we get to a painful six months of waiting it out to return back to Manchester together this June.  There’s a lot toContinue reading “Prepare Thyself: Prepping for the Best Roo Ever!”

The Unwritten Rules and Tips of Bonnaroo

There are a lot of rules and tips at Bonnaroo that are commonly known and also common sense.  For example “Radiate Positivity” is more than just a slogan or mantra, it’s a reminder to stay upbeat, encouraging, and to have a great time.  The word “Bonnaroo” itself is Cajun slang for “Good Time” anyways! ButContinue reading “The Unwritten Rules and Tips of Bonnaroo”

The Festival Bubble Already Popped

In the past few months, all of the following has happened: Okeechoobee has all but confirmed that the event has ended in South Florida. Sasquatch confirmed that the event has ended. SlossFest confirmed that the event has ended. LouFest was cancelled due to “unfortunate media coverage.” Hangout Fest is heavily rumored to be over orContinue reading “The Festival Bubble Already Popped”