Story Time at the Roo Bus

Story Time at the Roo Bus is our weekly podcast where we talk about funny or interesting stories from the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival that takes place every June in Manchester, Tennessee. We release new episodes (mostly) weekly, where we talk about a different story from Bonnaroo, interview other Bonnaroo fan groups, and evenContinue reading “Story Time at the Roo Bus”

The Legend of the 2016 What Field Pickup Truck

Now that Bonnaroo is approaching two decades on the scene, it’s the kind of festival that has collected a lot of urban legends over the years.  If you’ve gone at least a few times, you’ve probably heard some of them.  The Roonicorn, the poop truck exploding, various stories of Chance the Rapper hanging out inContinue reading “The Legend of the 2016 What Field Pickup Truck”

Meet Your Roo Neighbors: Mitchell of Camp Reddaroo

We’re continuing our “Meet Your Roo Neighbors” series with one of our absolute favorite people of Bonnaroo.  Mitchell Padgett is one of the biggest engines of the biggest party of the year on the Farm, being one of the main forces behind much of the amazing happenings at Camp Reddaroo in the Group Camping area. WhetherContinue reading “Meet Your Roo Neighbors: Mitchell of Camp Reddaroo”

Meet Your Roo Neighbors: The “Free Shrugs” Guy

Bonnaroo is so much more than just the music and the campgrounds, it’s mostly made by the people that attend it every June!  With that in mind, we’re starting a new series on our Roo Bus site.  We wanted to highlight some of the awesome personalities that make up the Bonnaroo community.  It’s the peopleContinue reading “Meet Your Roo Neighbors: The “Free Shrugs” Guy”