Quarantine and Chill

Day 20.  It’s been 20 days since I left work. I haven’t had so few responsibilities since I was 18 years old. At first I was teleworking, but then my employer gradually had to reduce our hours. Well, sort of. It’s complicated, and I can’t really discuss it here. My job may not start backContinue reading “Quarantine and Chill”

Roo Bus / Camp Reddaroo Fund Drive for Children’s of Alabama

For quite a while now, we’ve wanted to use the Roo Bus to contribute to some good, and we’ve landed on a way to do that with a fundraiser with one of our favorite causes with Children’s of Alabama. Click to donate to Children’s of Alabama  Our fundraiser for Children’s of Alabama is in honorContinue reading “Roo Bus / Camp Reddaroo Fund Drive for Children’s of Alabama”