Bonnaroo Announces Concerts on the Farm

On March 16, Bonnaroo announced “Concerts on the Farm,” a series of socially-distanced pod-style concerts featuring Billy Strings, Jon Pardi and The Avett Brothers. First up is Billy Strings, who was originally billed on the Bonnaroo 2020 lineup. He was also featured in the “Virtual Roo” held in Sept, 2020, along with Old Crow MedicineContinue reading “Bonnaroo Announces Concerts on the Farm”

The Festival Bubble Already Popped

In the past few months, all of the following has happened: Okeechoobee has all but confirmed that the event has ended in South Florida. Sasquatch confirmed that the event has ended. SlossFest confirmed that the event has ended. LouFest was cancelled due to “unfortunate media coverage.” Hangout Fest is heavily rumored to be over orContinue reading “The Festival Bubble Already Popped”

The Case For McCartney at Roo 2019

Ask any Bonnaroovian who has been around a number of years, Paul McCartney’s show in 2013 easily tops all other Farm performances as the greatest of all time.  The Beatle played a three hour plus set list with three encores, complete with songs from his full catalog as well as some show stopping pyro andContinue reading “The Case For McCartney at Roo 2019”

How You’re Radiating Positivity in the Bonnaroo Offseason

If you’ve been to Bonnaroo, you already know about The Code.  There are a number of phrases that the entire community keeps close that embody the spirit of the festival.  Two of them have been very near and dear to us, as they’re lessons and mantras that help us through much of everyday life asContinue reading “How You’re Radiating Positivity in the Bonnaroo Offseason”

After Twenty Years, Itchycoo Returns to Manchester

A giant festival on a farm in Manchester full of nearly 100,000 people is something we take for granted recently.  Now that Bonnaroo has been running full steam for well over fifteen years now, throwing a giant party for that many people has become a well oiled machine. Nearly twenty years ago in the SummerContinue reading “After Twenty Years, Itchycoo Returns to Manchester”

Your Favorite Campground Experiences at Bonnaroo

Ask anyone who has been there: Bonnaroo is way, way more than what’s going on inside Centeroo on the stages. In the past few years, the party has ventured way outside into the campgrounds. Depending on where you end up parked, you could be a short walk to anything from a surprise performance by CageContinue reading “Your Favorite Campground Experiences at Bonnaroo”

Bonnaroo’s Agreement with Coffee County and the City of Manchester: The Latest

For over seventeen years now, the small charming town of Manchester, Tennessee has played the role of a gracious host to our favorite music festival.  Composed of just over 10,000 residents and made up of just fourteen square miles, the city of Manchester grows in size by at least 60,000 more temporary residents every JuneContinue reading “Bonnaroo’s Agreement with Coffee County and the City of Manchester: The Latest”

Festival Season’s Second Half: What’s the Best Choice?

Now that it’s the tail end of July, it’s halftime for Festival Season.  Some of the heavy hitters like Coachella and Bonnaroo have come and gone, and other big players like Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits are quickly coming up on the horizon. The unofficial end to Festival Season also seems to come at theContinue reading “Festival Season’s Second Half: What’s the Best Choice?”

Predicting Bonnaroo’s 2019 Headliners

Now that Bonnaroo is a little more than a month behind us, Bonnaroovians are starting to do one of the things that they do best: Talk about rumors for the next year.  With the festival picture starting to slowly fade into focus for next year now that we know some of our headliners at FallContinue reading “Predicting Bonnaroo’s 2019 Headliners”