Meet Your Roo Neighbors: The “Free Shrugs” Guy

Bonnaroo is so much more than just the music and the campgrounds, it’s mostly made by the people that attend it every June!  With that in mind, we’re starting a new series on our Roo Bus site.  We wanted to highlight some of the awesome personalities that make up the Bonnaroo community. 

It’s the people who become make memories, share inside jokes, and become lifelong friends that make Roo what it is, and we want to take the opportunity during the offseason to get to know our Roo Neighbors!

The first person up that we want to highlight is Sean Keld, the “Free Shrugs” guy.  You’ve probably seen him at a show or in the campgrounds, wearing his Union Jack coat and holding his sign, seemingly perplexed by the insanity happening around him.  We first caught him on stage last year in 2017, being pulled up by July Talk.  We were so thrilled to also host him at the bus during our pre-party with *repeat repeat as well!

Read more about what brought Sean to Bonnaroo and how his shrugging came about in our interview below.  Also, if you know of an awesome personality who you think we should highlight, drop us a line on any of our social media channels!

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 3.10.36 PMWhat compelled you to come to your first Bonnaroo? 

A friend of mine I did some filming with put up a status about going to Bonnaroo. I messaged him instantly as asked if he had space in his car. (We live in Toronto, Canada).
Next thing you know I buy my ticket and I have been doing it ever since with the same 2 guys! I had heard of Bonnaroo all the way in the U.K. where I lived for 21 years so I didn’t want to pass the opportunity up.

What was the moment where you really “got it” and understood what Bonnaroo is?

I describe it to my friends as “Bonnaroo, a magical euphoric place that is better than being five years old in Disneyland.”

I have been to over sixty music festivals around Canada, U.K., Europe and America. Bonnaroo is hands down the best for experience, happiness and a huge sense of community.

How do you contribute to the community at Bonnaroo?  How did the idea for it form?

I make people laugh. I am known as “The Free Shrugs Guy.”

I usually wear my Union Jack suit and I have a sign that says free shrugs. People look at the sign, I shrug them and walk off. I had been shrugging for several years before my first Roo and as selfish as it is, I get a high off making people smile and laugh, so that’s what I do all weekend.

What is the thing that keeps you coming back to Bonnaroo?  What’s your favorite thing about it?

The community, the people, the happiness, the Roo way of life.

I go to music festivals for the experience and I have found none even close to Roo. Plus it’s always a fun 20 hour road trip to get there. It’s like a two week holiday for me.

What kind of things are you thinking about doing in the future at Bonnaroo to contribute to the growing community aspect of the festival?

If Roo would let me, I would like to do some organized flash dances or mobs. I have done a few artist installation pieces in the past, like giant Jukeboxes in the campgrounds, so people can plug their phone in and just listen to music.

What are your top three sets you’ve ever seen at Bonnaroo?

Number one has to be Chic & Nile Rogers last year! They were incredible.   Second is Red Hot Chilli Peppers, I was in the pit!  Third is the Kaskade set last year on Kalliope!

What’s your favorite community moment that happened in the campgrounds?

So many things to choose from! High fiving people, napping in the Grove during the day, meeting people from every walk of life, Roo Bus pre party last year was pretty dope!

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