Roo 101: Getting the Best Campsite

We’re starting something new with our new site, we have a lot of Roo Rookies on our page and also come in contact with a lot of people who are considering going to their first, so we wanted to introduce you to a few basics of our crazy and loving community.

We’ll start with one of the most common questions that usually crop up: How do you get the best spot to camp?

It’s true that some of the Pods / Plazas at the Farm are a pretty long way out from the entrance to Centeroo. You might be parked a two minute walk away from the arch, and you might have to walk through about 45 minutes of the pop-up city in the campgrounds to get there. While much of it is luck of the draw, there are some methods that some Roo veterans have used to get some good spots.

Arriving Wednesday – In years past, arriving a day early on Wednesday would more or less guarantee you a spot in what had been called BFE, an area out away from much of everything, which explains the acronym. That has changed in the past year or two, and arriving early has been a great way to give yourself a good shot at getting a closer spot.

The GA RV Section – If you’re going to be our neighbor in this area, you’re also guaranteeing yourself that you’ll have only a ten minute walk from the entrance next to the Ferris Wheel and the new Other stage. Of course we’re biased, but we think having an RV or bus in a larger area is worth the $250 fee for it too.

Groop Camping – If you’ve planned ahead and have gotten a slot with a group like our buddies from Camp Reddaroo or another similar camp, you’re making sure that you’ll be right next to the Grove barn, which is about a fifteen to twenty minute walk from the entrance. Plus, you’re about to make some lifelong friends while you’re at it too!

Research! – Just a little homework will help you make an educated guess about what to do to put yourself in the best spot for getting directed to a close parking spot. Nothing is guaranteed, but if you ask around on /r/Bonnaroo on Reddit and also by using #Bonnaroo on Twitter, you’re going to be able to find advice from others who have been able to find the secret formula for arrival times. (Hint: Thursday afternoon around 2PM is rumored to sometimes be a sweet spot.)

Do you have some other tips for getting a sweet camping spot close to an entrance? Let us know about it in the comments!

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