Roo Community Directory

fullsizeoutput_306Bonnaroo is far more than just a music festival, it is an active community that is having fun and working together all year long.  Many of the links and information here is to connect you with the awesome people that make our community awesome.

This will be an ever-growing list.  If you have suggestions for anything else that can be included, be sure to drop us a line on our social media channels!

Online Communities

  • Loophole to Reality – The largest, and most active Bonnaroo Facebook group. It’s an unofficial group.
  • /r/Bonnaroo – The Subreddit for Bonnaroo that discusses lineups, experiences, and general weirdness throughout the year.

Roo Crews / Fan Groops 

  • Camp Reddaroo – One of the largest parties in Group Camping!  They are also the group behind the traditional Beer Exchange, which has quickly become one of the best community hosted events at Roo.
  • SqueakSquad – A super awesome groop of Roovians, headed up by our good buddy MattyChap.
  • Roo Tang Clan – These guys ain’t nothing to mess with!  One of the biggest groups at Bonnaroo aren’t hard to spot with their black and yellow t-shirts and huge group camping area.
  • Soopergroop – One of the oldest and most established groups at Bonnaroo, who have even been given press in Rolling Stone! They host the original and largest Wednesday night party.
  • Parachute People (Roochute) – The brainchild of our buddy Ron, the Roochute is a giant parachute that’s found on the Farm and at other festivals.  Not only is it a giant fun party that’s a throwback to middle school, but they seek out to promote well-being and mental health as well!

Roo Personalities

  • Bonnaroo Chris – Chris is the “Where’s Waldo” of Bonnaroo, having become a festival celebrity for his ability to be anywhere and everywhere.  Scoring a photo with him is a huge get!
  • Chloe – Our good friend Chloe, she is well-known throughout the Roo community for her takes on food and music.
  • Roo Fitness – A fantastic resource for staying fit both for Bonnaroo and for the rest of the year!
  • I Am Bonnaroo – An amazing photographer that puts out an awesome series of photos, chronicling the people of Bonnaroo.
  • CherubA Party / EDM Band Duo originally from Murfreesboro TN, who have basically become Bonnaroo’s house band. One of Bonnaroo’s most cherished traditions is finding where the secret Cherub set will be!

Roo News Sources 

  • The Festive Owl – One of the top new sources for festivals, The Festive Owl is wealth of knowledge for all things Roo-related.
  • The What Podcast – Started in 2018 by music media veterans, The What Podcast primarily gives a behind the scenes look at Bonnaroo, focusing on bookings and the festival industry.
  • Forever BonnarooThis is a fantastic Facebook page discussing Bonnaroo news and culture.
  • BonnarooWX – Turn on notifications from this Twitter account and you’ll be the first to know if there’s a random summer storm on the way to the Farm.

Roo Services (Unofficial) 

  • Roo Rides – This is a great service that offers cheap rides to nearby necessities like the Manchester Walmart and other spots.
  • Jesus TentAn awesome tent on the other side of Bushy Branch Road that offers a place to chill and get free drinks and snacks.  If you’re not super religious, no worries!  They’re just at Roo to help you have a good time; not to be pushy.