Our Mission

IMG_0262The Roo Bus Crew is a group of friends, based in Huntsville, Alabama.  We love Bonnaroo and the music festival community, and love the positivity that a giant blue hippie bus brings wherever it goes.

The Bonnaroo Bus is a piece of Bonnaroo that can be driven to wherever positivity most needs to be radiated, and we’re expanding that mission in many ways in our efforts at festivals and online.

Here’s what we strive to do:

DSC01210Connect Communities – Bonnaroo has grown to include a giant neighborhood of groups and crews.  From Roo Chute, to Camp Reddaroo, Bonnaroo is made up of tons of communities that come together.  This is also true amongst the rest of the festival community.

Part of our goal of our website is to share positive news not only about the festivals we love, but the communities behind them.

Promote Positivity – Let’s face it, we live in wild and unprecidented times.  It’s easy to see much of the world as bleak and hopeless.  Our mission is to fight that and Radiate Positivity as much as we can.

We want to help influence and create a world where positivity can be passed from one person to another.  Let’s all help each other remember that there’s good in the world worth working for.

IMG_0013Create Memories – The Bonnaroo Bus has long been home to lots of big parties, events, concerts, and much more.

The memories we’ve made in the bus will last us a lifetime, and we want to help share it.  Through the bus, this website, and our efforts at events we attend, we want to help make long lasting memories that will last a lifetime.